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Trustworthy Tactics

Unfit / Neglectful Parent Investigations
Abuse Suspicion or Allegations

Evidence Collection

Covert Surveillance

Custody Disputes

Custody Agreement Violations

Proving Cohabitation
Picture and Video Evidence

Our investigators are qualified expert witnesses with experience testifying in family law proceedings both in Travis and Williamson counties.

Authenticated evidence is the key to getting the court to accept your evidence into record and used in your favor. A qualified Arcane Investigator can accomplish certain required facets during the investigation in an unbiased and legal manner.

In late 2017, over twenty states had legislation on the docket centered around equal parenting time – commonly known as co-parenting – encouraging separating and divorcing couples to collaborate raising their children like when they were married. With both parties on equal footing, the task of building a case, either in your defense or against an ex-husband or ex-wife, no longer can depend on assumed suitability.

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