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Going Through A Nasty Divorce? Lets Talk Trash...

We all dread the word, the thought and the process of divorce. Some divorce proceedings get pretty nasty...get the low down on how a private eye digs up dirt on you. Lets talk trash...

Scrutinize your trash and save some cash


As soon as you place your trash on the curb it is legally up for grabs to any one so inclined to dig through the discards of your life. We do not think twice about the receipts, bank statements, bills and the like that we carelessly throw away. Not to mention perceptions derived from our obvious habits or health conditions, personal communications and lifestyles. Anything recovered can be framed under any presumption and submitted as evidence in biased manners if the professional on your case does not practice a neutral indifference.

Clean Up Your Trash And Save Your Self Some Cash...

If you are going through a nasty divorce or separation and you have any reason to believe a private investigator might be in play... start playing the game. One of your first moves needs to be your trash and how you dispose of it. This all seems like so much in the beginning and how paranoid do you really need to be? Well, how crazy is your ex, how much money is on the table, is the safety of your children at risk or ask yourself why are you reading this information in the first place, right?

Lets go ahead a get crack head paranoid with the knowledge that in most cases divorces do not drag on forever and this paranoid lifestyle will dissipate as your divorce finalizes.

So lets talk trash...

I need to prove the trash I pulled from your cans is in fact attached to your residence. -Remove all addresses reflecting your correct address even if it is junk mail with a random strangers name but correct address.

I need to prove is it is your personal trash.

-Remove anything that has your name on it. EVERYTHING.

I need to prove you are not perfect.

-Separate alcohol bottles, cigarette butts, anything drug related and dispose of this personally and away from the residence. Consider the food wrappers, is it all fast food and junk food, nothing healthy a child should be eating? Separate anything that is a bill or reflects account numbers for banking, even your purchase receipts. You want to burn, shred or personally dispose away from the residence all of the above suggested items to name a few.

You need to scrutinize the assumptions that can be perceived as reality if your trash was laid out in an itemized report. It isn't what you buy, how much you buy, what you do, when you do it, where you do it or who you do it with. It just matters how your spouses council will attempt to shape and frame the evidence against you in court. It is the perception of reality that wins in court, not the facts, but authenticated evidence. That purchase receipt for all the Christmas party alcohol was authenticated the moment the last four digits of your credit card matched the printed receipt. Was this same Christmas party also authenticated the moment you raise it as a defense? No, and now alcohol that is in reality not an issue is entered into evidence as evidence against you.

Organic food, toilet paper and baby diapers is all I should see in your trash. You want to chap my ass and make me froth at the mouth before abandoning 0-dark-30 trash dives at your residence, make it hard for me. Do not hand me all of the evidence needed against you in one trash pull. Scrutinizing your trash will save you cash!

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