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Going Through A Nasty Divorce? Social Media & CYOA...

Divorce is never easy, are you at war with your spouse? How a private eye uses Social Media to dig up dirt on you and what you can do about it. CYOA!

Did You Know That Your Social Media Accounts Are Evidence?

When divorces get particularity nasty attorneys pull out all of the stops to try and gain the upper hand in court for their client. Sometimes your social media can come back to bite you in the butt...have you ever bashed your spouse on face book to your friends, have you ever posted anything suggestive or related to alternative lifestyles, are you friends with any one of a nefarious character or back ground, are you in any groups that could suggest questionable morals or interests? Honestly there is something somewhere on your face book or social media that could be interpreted in a negative light and believe me it will be found and submitted into evidence accordingly.

Did You Know It Is Destroying Evidence If You Alter, Close Or Change Content On Your Social Media Accounts?

The court can find you in contempt or levy penalties and judgments against you if your alter or attempt to change anything in your social media accounts in order to gain a more favorable out come or result for yourself? With out manipulating evidence or potential evidence...what can you do to help yourself?

  • Unfriend every single person on your social media accounts (including family members)

  • Set all pages to private across all accounts.

  • You are not destroying, deleting or altering anything on the accounts.

  • You are simply denying anyone permission to access the contents on your pages which is well within your rights.

  • Simply re-friend everyone after your divorce is final.

With so many social media pages and so many friends to un-friend and re-friend this probably seems daunting, however, having your personal life displayed in court for all to see and judge is much more painful. Get smart and realize the short term frustration is worth the long term gain of CYOA!

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